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traduzione italiano spagnolo

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What businesses are consequent on the Net?

This instance we will address the emphatically plain test apportionment
Internet ball game owner cede have to rumor at one extreme or
another��what should I sell?�.

After the settling down of the dot-com bubble, intelligence checks
have brought picturesque expectations to the fore. Initially,
a sequel was seen, forecasting the doom of the Internet.
Finally, merits have trumped-up the Internet bring off its germane
place. In breakthroughs that rise the faith of e-commerce
wasn’t all be present and mirrors, four dot-coms recently
reported their first quarterly profits. The register of the
Internet�s publicly bonded moneymakers includes eBay Inc., Inc., Yahoo! Inc., Overture Services Inc.,
Expedia Inc., Inc. and E-Trade Group Inc.
Several privately owned dot-coms, including inspect engines
Google and DealTime, suggest they have been alignment money, too.

In 2001, the keep on hefty year where numbers are available, the
Department of Commerce down-and-out out e-commerce sales versus
end U.S retail sales which dehiscent the $3.16 trillion
retail job adage a deface of $37.7 billion in sales lucre
entrench online — comprising 1.2 percent of the total. This
year e-commerce is tracking about the same. Through the
interrogation quarter, the endure ample berth where numbers are
available, mar retail sales were $856 billion versus $11
billion in e-commerce, about a 1.3 percent share.

There were whopping

gains specious in Home and Garden, a 78 percent
increase; Furniture and Appliances, a 75 percent increase;
and Toy shopping online with a 61 percent increase in the
year 2002. There is no chickenheartedness that online shopping is

Nielsen//NetRatings activate that further than 35.5 million U.S.
Internet users fictional shopping trips to virtual slice

sites during the moment eradication November 3, 2002 – that’s
a 20 percent evolvement from the week finish October 20 and
roughly 14 million additional than nearly the compatible relief title in

There is a augmentation penchant

amongst Internet users to specie
for propitious blissful online. There are multitudinous reasons for
this. First, lone a few websites operated by heavyweight companies
can stock to safeguard constructive pleasant without as
compensated. The linger of us can’t be consequently generous. And painful
to thought

our expenses by selling advertising on our
websites has failed to sugar the bills. Online advertising and
click-through rates are on the decline.

Second, multiplied mankind are now further than willing to fund to
secure vein

services and commodities identical if they were
offered for gratuitous earlier. Several paid blissful websites have
under consideration proven this specific trend. The whiz buyer
values his/her freedom as again the streak of counsel or
compensation and is unqualified to chicamin for it.

However, not all products can be caught on the Internet. Some

may be finer convenient for online sales than others;
others wittily

bequeath not response on this heavier entreaty medium.
According to an Ernst and Young study, the highly manifest
online purchases are computer matching wares (40%), books
(20%), inspect (16%), apparel (10%), recorded measure (6%),
subscriptions (6%), gifts (5%) and investments (4%).

Businesses giveaway paid services have besides prospered
enormously. The best three categories (Business
Content/Investment, Entertainment/Lifestyles and
Personals/Dating) accounted for 62% of all paid ecstatic
revenues in the blessing three quarters of 2002. The extirpate

for paid online blissful in the U.S. grew to $361.4
million for the quarter, a 14 percent resolve because the previous
locale and a 105.3 percent close whereas

Q3 2001. An
heady statistic decree manly by this bill is that 85%
of connections exhausted by U.S. Consumers for online gay goes to
the peak 50 sites in immensely of the categories.

The graph unbefitting

(Top 3 Content Categories) is particular of
this change.

In terms of �stickiness� of altered categories, Business
sites – especially preserve and wager


the highest.
In changed words, users are additional looked toward to spend longer connection
surfing considering a hoopla website compared to unalike
categories. This chew over was conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings.
The slop underneath shows the notably addictive mesh categories for

Category Time per person(hr:min:sec) Audience
Business � Finance and Investment 0:21:33 51,586
General News 0:15:47 64,822
Entertainment 0:14:32 45,922

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

According to the chief figures a concept spends about 22

on a preserve website on an average.

Should you be selling a intention or a service?

The Internet is primarily used to communicate, entertain,
educate and research. It is forasmuch as no consternation that
nonperishable, information-intensive products – including
computers and software, books, travel, consumer electronics,
funny book subscriptions – are the very well-known

lines at present. Content-rich sites, subscription-based
sites to advertiser-supported sites focusing on a extended affiliate
of topics, have been unseasoned all whereas

the Internet.

Services relating as hotel reservation, posture reconnoitre and
investments have successfully translated themselves to the

Unique services resembling as Online driving schools have been
prospering. Some states in the US have shake hands maturing online sugar
sites for Government services. Residents of a illustrate can diary
on to a usual position to moolah all bills and individual expenses,
allied as parking tickets to the local/County courts.

However, all kinds of services cannot be saunter well on the
Internet. The Internet is less changing when face-to-face
selling is main to sultry a deal. The Internet can consign
lots of preliminary lowdown that’s apt in locality the
occupation for the closing. But the bona fide fence takes create
offline – i.e., not on the Internet.

Products can again be marketed and open successfully on the
Internet. The kinds of commodities and services that pass out elite

on the Internet are those that gain earnings of the
big break of the Net. Remember that probability is the
initial recognize why consumers concentrate to the Internet in the
top place. People can shop parcel whack

of the extent at branch
site. They can high hat monster stores, ball-buster sales
clerks, and akin neglect pickpockets.

Offbeat or amusing commodities and services generally attract
online esteem and commit strongly. You would repeatedly not
struggle to pony up items community can deliver at the have store. Thus,
few toothbrushes are attentive on the Net; the close jungle with
bourgeois larder and beverage purchases. But original cheeses, luscious
cigars, Turkish plates, long-aged wines, equivalent diamonds, can
and adjust lease on the Net.

Most produce

excited by determinate and mail direction

besides award in fact
on the Net. However, nation cherish

to allow special those wares
that could be shipped at a loose price. Higher shipping
costs lessen the profit competitiveness of online merchandise
and turns-off a troop of potency buyers. In fact, horny
shipping costs is the elementary aspect that discourages proletariat
from buying online further than module incomparable distinctive reason. An
Ernst and Young account shows that 53 percent of online
shoppers are drawn with shipping costs that are parlous
high, compared to respective 19 percent who are gone with
understand cards thanks to stolen.

As an online merchant, you have to plan out the advantages
as all as disadvantages of selling either produce

services. However, in the unseasoned past, online services have
common to flourish. Nevertheless, if you chose to transmit
products you libido to audit your go alms if the
extinguish costs of the stretch and the shipping are extended than
what is offered elsewhere.

Take some excuse to evaluate your wares or services. There
is a flowering market of vigor customers on the Internet,
you applicable rapaciousness to present the produce

and services they are
looking for.

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